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Watchmen Writer Loses Mind in Public

March 18, 2009

watchmen2The excellent Occasional Superheroine blog takes apart Watchmen scribe David Hayter’s open letter to the fans. Hayter doesn’t so much use an analogy which is ill-advised as somewhere out where the buses don’t run:

“All this time, you’ve been waiting for a director who was going to hit you in the face with this story. To just crack you in the jaw, and then bend you over the pool table with this story. […]

You say you don’t like it. You say you’ve got issues. I get it.

And yet… You’ll be thinking about this film, down the road. It’ll nag at you. How it was rough and beautiful. How it went where it wanted to go, and you just hung on. How it was thoughtful and hateful and bleak and hilarious. And for Jackie Earle Haley.

Trust me. You’ll come back, eventually. Just like Sally*.”

You just don’t get anything like that with an Ozu movie! Seriously, does this kind of thing go on in 2009? I can’t figure out if Hayter is seriously disturbed, seriously misjudging the Watchmen fan-base, shamelessly catering to the Watchmen fan-base, and whether he actually even read Watchmen before he wrote “EXT. ECU ON SMILEY FACE BADGE.”

Of course, given that Payter is writing for Zack “This is Sparta” Snyder, perhaps we shouldn’t surprised that this boy’s club has a few issues with women, sex, violence, and violation. Amen to OS:

“This guy couldn’t carry Alan Moore’s jockstrap.”

It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah.

*A Watchmen character who is raped by The Comedian and then does something that would require a spoiler alert.