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Trailerama Classic: Das Schlangenei (The Serpent’s Egg)

February 5, 2010

We don’t remember the David Carradine obituaries mentioning his one foray with Ingmar Bergman. Nor do Bergman hagiographies dwell very long on his late-’70s look at Weimar decadence. It’s considered a low-point from the time when the dour Swede, living as a tax exile in West Germany, entered an unholy alliance with Dino De Laurentiis. Carradine plays a Jewish acrobat whose nocturnal sojourns bring him too close to Berlin’s rotting core and Liv Ullman’s underarm fuzz. Dave Kehr says Bergman “comes very close to camp,” while the Time Out Film Guide warns “Bergman’s paranoia runs dementedly and tediously out of control.” In other words, essential viewing. The sloppy look suggests even Sven Nykvist has his off days.

Trailerama Classic: Hausu (House)

November 19, 2009

The full-bore insanity that is “TV ad wizard” Nobuhiko Obayashi’s 1977 horror film House is getting a re-release courtesy of Janus. Even the trailer is pretty unforgettable. Yes, the Japanese were freaked out about wet black hair even back in the 1970s. Godiego are still going strong, having released a box set in 2008. Visit their Web site.


Trailerama Classic: Citizen Kane

September 14, 2009

So how about a trailer in which a) the star is heard, not seen b) the film-making apparatus is exposed into the light c) the lead actors are all shown first out of character, then in character and d) lasts nearly four minutes? In many ways, Kane‘s “ballyhoo” is fully in keeping with the film itself. Due for re-release in the UK on October 30.

Trailerama Classic: Les Demoiselles de Rochefort

August 3, 2009

Whatever flaws there might be in Jacques Demy’s 1968 follow-up to The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, they’re obscured by Catherine Deneuve and Francoise Dorleac looking as chic as fuck. (Even when blowing the trumpet.) Gene Kelly hoofs and Michel Legrand puts some brass on it. Due for re-release in the UK on August 14.

Trailerama Classic: Made in USA

January 9, 2009

One of Jean-Luc Godard’s hardest-to-find films, based on a Richard Stark story and the final feature-length kiss-off to his cinematic muse Anna Karina. Characters named Richard Widmark and Robert McNamara make appearances, as does Marianne Faithfull. Due for re-release by Rialto on April 1.