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St. Trinian’s: School’s Out

January 13, 2010

The British do seem to enjoy exhuming their past and fobbing it off on an audience unable to resist tradition’s lure. The latest victim of grave-robbing is Ronald Searle’s St. Trinian’s cartoons, first turned into a series of sexy teen comedies steered by Alistair Sim during the 1950s. The idea of this remake seems to be …well, Squally isn’t entirely sure what the idea is. Neither, Squally suspects do the filmmakers.

Searle drew his cartoon featuring the St. Trinian’s girls shortly before he was shipped off to Singapore with the Royal Engineers. He was captured by the Japanese after the fall of the city. He was sent to Changi Prison, where he shared a cell with another 199 captives, and worked on the Burma Road Railway, where his weight dipped down to seven stone. He also suffered a pickaxe to the spine. Those Japanese soldiers were real sweethearts.