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Trailer Rash: Alison Lohman is “Hell”-Bound

March 12, 2009

If Squally was the kind of person who took baths in asses milk and had a lot of money to throw around, he would not have put money on Sam Raimi making another horror movie. Been there, done that, y’know? And The Gift, Billy Bob Thornton’s memoir of psychic shenanigans down South, only lingered in the mind for Katie Holmes‘s bodacious ta-tas. But the prospect of following the unholy mess that was Spider-Man 3 made Raimi consider flexing some old muscles again. Which brings us Drag Me to Hell, whose trailer premiered online today. The film opens on May 29.

The initial response is one of “they can’t be serious,” along with an appreciation for the film’s ability to measure the anxiety of the times. Alison Lohman is a bank loan officer who, tired of being passed up for promotion, decides to show she can play with the big boys and foreclose on a gypsy woman’s house. Gypsy woman does not take kindly to this. We’ve all imagined bankers roasting in hell and lawyers lying in the bottom of the ocean. But this is one Romany who has the supernatural mojo to make those fantasies a reality. Soon Lohman is munching on flies and looking for help from a psychic.