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Calling All Robots: Daft Punk to Score Tron 2.0

March 5, 2009

I imagine that at the more zealous film Web site outlets, a regular ritual goes on. Let’s say a movie is announced which involves computers or, better yet, a completely computer-generated fantasy world. “Maybe Daft Punk will do the music …” a reporter wonders out loud, his VT helmet pushed to the back of his head. “Phone the studio and find out,” says the editor, somersaulting over a wii console and chewing on a George Lucas-endorsed Cantina hookah.

And so it was that Upcoming Film Scores blog made the call, Walt Disney answered, shrugged their shoulders, thought “Why not?” and thus we can piggy-back on the news that Daft Punk will write the music for Tron 2.0.