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Tribeca: But Wait! There’s More!

March 12, 2009

john-hurtPoor Tribeca International Film Festival. They release their slate to great fanfare and all they get are a bunch of people saying that the recession has made movie-going no fun and another handful of cineastes wondering how to fill up the last two weeks in April. So they’ve decided to toss out a few more feature-length bones to remind us that watching Uzbek animation and Ben Lyons being ushered to the front of the line can be a wonderful thing. If not quite as wonderful as ice cream. The new line-up includes films from Steven Soderbergh, Eric Bana, and Cheryl Hines; a star turn from John Hurt and a woman who has done oral; a biting British satire; and two trawls through the nether world of New York film-making. More after the jump!

Tribeca Film Festival Gets Allen, Dick, Destitution, and Downsized!

March 10, 2009

whatever-worksThere’s been a lot of upheaval in Tribeca’s world lately. In February, we learned that Sundance’s longtime director Geoffrey Gilmore was becoming the fest’s chief creative officer, a move tantamount to learning that during the Battle of Gettysburg, George C. Meade turned up behind Confederate battle lines and saying, “Let me take care of this.” Now, Variety has unveiled this year’s line-up, and the real story is how the economic downturn has given the festival its two thumbs down.

Prepare to hear the screaming of a thousand bloggers as it’s announced that the number of media passes has been reduced! Boggle at the news that the number of films has suffered a 28% decrease! Punch your computer screen when you learn that those heartless bastards at Cadillac and Target withdrew as sponsors! And, if you’re interested in the latest releases from names like Woody Allen, Kirby Dick, and Jose Padilha, then please continue reading after the jump!