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Trailerama: Getting Unzipped With Brüno

April 3, 2009

Surprise, surprise. After this week’s kerfuffle about Brüno and a NC-17 rating it’s never going to get, comes the red-band trailer. Better be over 18, y’all. You might go blind.

In the clip, Brüno disrupts a fashion show with his velcro outfit, shops at Sears, hangs out with the most uncomfortable trio of hunters we’ve ever seen, adopts an African child, goes to a swinger’s party, gets whipped by a pneumatic bleached blonde, introduces the U.S. army to Dolce & Gabbana, and does self-defense classes armed with a dildo. There are more chases than a Road Runner film festival, maybe as a reminder of Borat‘s piece de resistance–the nude wrestling match in Las Vegas.


ND / NF ’09 Trailers: From Parque Via to We Live in Public

March 29, 2009

ndnf-20091It’s our third and final round-up of video ephemera from the New Directors New Films festival! Today’s line-up features both critical excess and opprobrium. Parque Viabrings back the ND/NF09 stand-by, the slighted servant. Then there’s misery in the Chinese badlands, alienation in America’s BBQ capital, a hot blast of neo-neo realism in South Korea, bedsit bathos in London town, and finally a jolt of futureshock from the director of DiG!

Parque Via (Enrique Rivero, 2008)

If someone came up to you saying, “It’s Jeanne Dielman, except God exists!”you’d be tempted to attach them to the nearest jukebox and throw it in the East River. But when that person is Keith Uhlich of Time Out and you imagine him looking like this and you realize he’s referring to this film, it’s possible to forgive. An old servant loses their rag (and presumably their routine) when the house gets sold.