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Sundance 2010 Preview: International Documentary Competition

January 12, 2010

While Sundance is committed to documentary, its audience is a little less crazy about the international kind. Still, it gets you out of the Park City snow and you’re unlikely to be sitting behind Harvey Weinstein. This year’s picks range from the Cambodian killing fields to a Brazilian dump to the Warsaw ghetto. In all likelihood, they will have about six laughs between them. Roll your sleeves up and prepare to take your medicine …

Click here to read our U.S. Dramatic Competition Preview
Click here to read our U.S. Documentary Competition Preview
Click here to read our International Dramatic Competition Preview

Enemies of the People

Spalding Gray once likened the Cambodian genocide to the farmers of upstate New York killing everyone in Manhattan. Two million people died when the Khmer Rouge’s turned the clock back to Year Zero. The country has struggled to both recover and forget. This doc follows Phnom Penh Post reporter Thet Sambath, who befriended the former Rouge leaders in order to learn why his entire family had to die. Sambath gets close to a unique heart of Khmer darkness, but puts his own home life in jeopardy.

A Film Unfinished

After herding the Jews into the Warsaw Ghetto, the Nazis proceeded to make a film lauding what they called their humanitarian effort. The movie was never completed, but academics have pored over the rushes, often oblivious to its propaganda purpose. Using the original footage and interviews with the surviving cameramen, Yael Hersonski shows how reality was whitewashed and learns the stories behind the faces found on film.