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Could Star Trek Boldly Go Back to TV?

March 21, 2009

star-trekIf you know Squally, then you’ll know that your blogger has yet to sit through an entire episode of Star Trek. There always seemed to be a second-act stretch when suddenly a nap seemed like a more beneficial option. With J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek: The Gossip Girl Generation ready to pop off the starting blocks, James Hibberd speculates that a blockbuster flick could lead to a similar resurrection for the TV show. The galaxies are definitely aligned–a new, hornier Trekwould be a perfect program for CBS or its CW affiliate, and Abrams has a nice sideline in cooking up spicy TV series. Hibberd had us up until this point:

“Paramount and CBS get along like the Hatfields and McCoys (or Spock and McCoy, if you prefer). Though CBS owns the TV rights, Paramount is presumably involved in any Trek-related movement while their movie is at bat.”

Oh yeah, those guys hate each other like poison. Hibberd also notes Dark Knight helmer Christopher Nolan‘s nixing of The Graysons spin-off and the fact that TV can be slow to turn a profit as reasons why the USS Enterprise may stick to soaring across IMAX screens. Our bet: Star Trekwill be reborn on the boob tube, but only after a cinematic trilogy has been completed. We’ll see … sometime in Stardate 2020.

Watchmen Post Mortem

March 10, 2009

watchmen1Now that the weekend is over and we’ve had a chance to try and wash this glowing blue paint off (ammonia?), the accountants are sifting through the $55 million that Watchmen has taken in. Everybody else is trying to read the film’s future in the entrails. The quick take is that even that many sheckles is still considered a disappointment.

Why? Well, the movie opened up with a massive publicity blitz on a whopping 3600 screens. And there literally wasn’t anything else to watch that weekend. (Even the Los Bros Jonas movie tumbled 80%). Plus, there is the fear that any audience for an adaptation of the 1985 Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons graphic novel will have seen it on Friday and, sated, will be waiting for the upcoming DVD release, the rumored four-hour cut, and the opportunity to sit around naked in their glowing blue paint in the comfort of their own home. Did Alan Moore’s curse work? Will heads roll at Warner Bros.? The pundits have their say after the jump.


Leonardo DiCaprio: King of Outer Space?

March 4, 2009

Christian Bale must have been busy yelling at a lighting guy or something … Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight follow-up Inception has a lead and it’s eco-warrior Leonardo DiCaprio, Variety reports.

Inception won’t have anything to do with the Scarecrow or the Joker. Instead, it’s a science fiction epic. Warner Bros. has described the film as “a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind.” Online scuttlebutt also claimed the setting would be “a war for the colonization of Venus.”