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DVD Debut: Star Trek, Bruno

November 16, 2009

DVD Debut circumnavigates Bruno’s Uranus whilst boldly going where the stale Star Trek puns reside.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat twitted America’s isolationism and prejudices. Bruno takes on bigger game–what we get up to in the bedroom. Armed with dildos and bondage gear, the flamboyantly homosexual Austrian raises serious hackles, infuriating suburban swingers, redneck hunters and even Ron Paul. While Borat exposed our Moral Majority’s underbelly, though, Bruno’s snide assault on L.A.’s celeb culture feels too much like using an elephant’s wang to molest a mosquito.

The Slate: Megan Fox, Sex and the City 2, Endless Possibilities

April 3, 2009


  • Oh, that Mickey Rourke. He got a faceful of Marisa Tomei‘s ta-tas in The Wrestler. Now Megan Fox might have a toot on his trumpet. Hey, get your mind of the gutter. Mitch Glazer’s Passion Plays will have Rourke’s horn-blower taking a carnival beauty named “Angel” under his wing and protecting her from a gangster type. Angels? Trumpets? Wings? Geddit? While the thriller itself sounds skippable, bloggers everywhere thank Mr. Glazer for giving them an op to post near-naked Fox pictures. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • We’re not done with Mr. Big. Sex and the City 2 will come again in theaters on May 28, 2010, giving heterosexual men only a year and a month to steel themselves for another two-and-a-half-hours of drag queens who lunch. Warner Bros. and New Line haven’t given any more details, but as they come in, we’ll have more opportunities to indulge in inappropriate homophobia. Note to the fanboys: Sex and the City: The Movie made $412.6 million worldwide, easily out-grossing a certain comic book movie we’re all tired of hearing about. (Variety)
  • “Stringer” Bell is pumping up his resume. Idris Elba and Zoe Saldana are joining Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Losers. They’ll all play members of a special forces team who are left for dead, then try to erase their names from a CIA dead pool. Wait, doesn’t it usually happen the other way around? Elba will be doing cold and ruthless, Zoe will be doing wounded and tough, and Morgan is this Z-team’s Hannibal. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • If anybody wants Aaron Eckhart to play Two-Face again, they’d better have a word. The actor is filling up his future by falling into Rabbit Hole, which also stars Nicole Kidman. The play finds a family rocked by the sudden death of their four-year-old, and the audience thinking, “Hurry up and get on with your lives.” Hedwig and the Angry Inch‘s John Cameron Mitchell directs, so with luck there will be a song or two. (Production Weekly)
  • Meet the Parents director Jay Roach is currently helping Sacha Baron Cohen out with Bruno. So Paul Weitz is looking to jump into the helmer’s chair for Little Fockers, the third part of the comic trilogy. He’s the lesser known half of the American Pie team. Ben Stiller is expected to learn that Robert De Niro is his real father and Teri Polo will meet Ewoks. Actually, what we’ll really see is the sorry spectacle of Jake LaMotta doing changing diaper gags. (Variety)

Trailerama: Getting Unzipped With Brüno

April 3, 2009

Surprise, surprise. After this week’s kerfuffle about Brüno and a NC-17 rating it’s never going to get, comes the red-band trailer. Better be over 18, y’all. You might go blind.

In the clip, Brüno disrupts a fashion show with his velcro outfit, shops at Sears, hangs out with the most uncomfortable trio of hunters we’ve ever seen, adopts an African child, goes to a swinger’s party, gets whipped by a pneumatic bleached blonde, introduces the U.S. army to Dolce & Gabbana, and does self-defense classes armed with a dildo. There are more chases than a Road Runner film festival, maybe as a reminder of Borat‘s piece de resistance–the nude wrestling match in Las Vegas.


Brüno: Too Sexy?

March 30, 2009

brunoThe first round in the battle between Sacha Baron Cohen and the MPAA rating board has resulted in an NC-17 rating for Brüno. The Wrap reports that the Cambridge-educated comic’s film was cited for its abundance of “sexual scenes.” Cohen’s character Brüno is a gay fashionista who enjoys flamboyantly waving his sexuality in hetero faces. Guess the MPAA didn’t like the smell. Here’s what got them steamed:

  • Brüno appears to have anal sex with another man.
  • Brüno sneaks naked into a hunter’s tent. We’re assuming “hunter’s tent” is not a euphemism.

The MPAA: men having sex with men is bad, Scary Movie is good. In the ratings board’s defense, Cohen’s comedy seems closer to the, er, bone because he inserts his fictional character into real-life situations. For example, another scene shows Brüno appearing on The Richard Bey Show, looking for a gay boyfriend to help him raise his black adopted child, O.J. The audience are unsympathetic, to say the least.

We haven’t heard the end of it. Borat went through a similar cycle of receiving an NC-17 rating and then making adjustments. Cohen is appealing the current ruling. He is also said to still be “finding the film,” meaning cutting different versions to see a) how they play with audiences looking for laughs and b) how they play with the MPAA. A spokesman said, “[T]he process is only at its inception.” A Universal exec, however, told The Wrap they would not consider putting an NC-17 Brüno into theatres.

The good news for Cohen is that all the advance controversial buzz is going to create plenty of anticipation for Brüno’s opening on July 10. Fans wanting a closer look at a “hunter’s tent” will just have to wait for the “unrated” DVD. Because while it’s bad for teenagers to watch filth for the price of a movie ticket, it’s okay to let them watch it when they pay $19.99 for the privilege.