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The Great SXSW 2010 Preview Dump: Spotlight Premieres, Part 1

March 10, 2010

It may lack the glamour of Cannes or the smell of Venice, but really, is there a friendlier place to premiere your film than SXSW? Probably not and the surfeit of alcohol and food can even make up for the most disastrous debut. The Spotlight Premiere category boasts cherry-picked features and docs making their bows. The first part features everything from porn stars to hip-hop nobodies, intergalactic personality crises to one man’s ongoing battle with his Internet service provider. Who couldn’t relate? Click on the titles for trailers.

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American Grindhouse

For years, cinematic shit like I Spit On Your Grave and Frankenhooker was the sole province of videostore geeks with nothing left to watch. Then Quentin Tarantino changed everything. Elijah Drenner’s doc chronicles the homegrown exploitation films which used sex ‘n’ violence to part a rube from his buck and somehow became art with the passing of time. Without John Waters, amazingly.

Barbershop Punk

The title sounds like the worst film since Young @ Heart, but please come back and read the rest of this. Sure, Robb Topolski loves his barbershop quartet music. He’s the baritone in his own group. Where the punk comes in is when he butts heads with his Internet provider. Georgia Sugimura’s documentary watches how the brawl comes to involve Ian MacKaye, Janeane Garofalo and other free speech advocates.


Trailerama: Barry Munday

March 2, 2010

Barry Munday likes the ladies. Then a close encounter with a trumpet leaves him without his testicles. The loss of his stones sends Barry into a freefall. Just as he’s re-evaluating his life so far, Barry gets a shot at redemption when a past lay sues him for paternity. This silly trailer pretty much gives the entire game away. In fact, we can’t really say there’s any reason to see it other than a) Chloe Sevigny and b) Whitesnake (geddit?). Director Chris D’Arienzo adapted the novel by Frank Turner Hollon. With Patrick Wilson (Watchmen). Due to screen at this year’s SXSW Film Festival.