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New DVD Debut: Observe and Report, Ghost of Girlfriends Past

September 22, 2009

Observe and ReportWhat’s worth watching is up over at

Seth Rogen is one of the most appealing comics working today. So why they hell would you make a movie in which he’s an irredeemable jerk? His mall rent-a-cop is yet another dimwit with an overblown sense of his own importance. (See any Ben Stiller movie.) When a flasher strikes, it’s a chance for his violent tendencies and libido to run wild. This exercise in sourness skips no chance to remind you how stupid people can be. As such, it makes Paul Blart Mall Cop look like a Woody Allen movie.

Trailerama: The Ugly Truth

April 13, 2009

If we interpreted the smoke signals from last month’s ShoWest correctly, The Ugly Truth is poised to be the big summer romantic comedy. Which made us wonder about the bankability of Katherine Heigl. Is she popular? Since Knocked Up led to Vanity Fair covers, her work has been distinguished mainly by the so-so 27 Dresses and the occasional tantrum over Grey’s Anatomy. And why is she popular? Then we watched the new Truth trailer and it started to make sense. Katherine Heigl is ready to be humiliated.

The Ugly Truth pits her television producer against Gerard Butler‘s macho meathead “guest commentator.” At first, they can’t stand each other. She’s sunny, he’s the dark side of the moon. But when a surgeon catches Heigl’s fancy, Butler agrees to play a Cyrano of sorts to their relationship. Acting on Butler’s insights into the male mind, Heigl might just be able to win her guy’s heart. However, as time goes on, the unlikely pair begin to feel a little lovin’ frisson. The only question is–who is going to rub off on whom?


Observe and Report Metaphor/Simile Watch

April 10, 2009

observe-and-reportRichard Corliss, Time: “Frighten the horses … a quick portrait of trailer-park American pursuing its urges by any means necessary … like the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket … as if it’s Baghdad and al-Qaeda is around the corner … the start of World War III … she should be placed not on a pedestal but in the trash bin … one undescended testicle … underdog … top dog … The stars were aligned … like Michael Savage … the Hollywood laugh factory.”

Manohla Dargis, New York Times: “The pettiest of dictators … Lynndie England … like a Wild West sheriff … more Deputy Dawg than Dirty Harry … barrel down that particular road … thumbs his nose … disarming his own bombs … rising above the muck … hearts of gold … a comic who throws a custard pie in another person’s kisser … violent characters who hold up a mirror to that public.”

Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly: “The tin badge of weaponless courage … as clammy as Blart’s mom is fuzzy … a man simmering to a boil … scalding spillover moment … every alley a mainstream comedy is supposed to avoid … the amazing gimlet eye … a crazy mosaic of Americana with tiles scattered and missing … as if liberated from the Hollywood salt mines … a tribute from James Lipton.”

J. Hoberman, Village Voice: “The castrated mall cop … bellicose bratwurst … a needed cushion … a parody Travis Bickle … Joe the Plumber of Rush the Limbaugh.”

Scott Weinberg, Cinematical: “Since Madeleine Kahn … a product of assembly-line filmmaking … virtually all of Jody Hill’s darts hit their intended target … one-note pot-smokin’ wise-ass.”

David Edelstein, New York: “A mighty volcano of psychosexual mayhem … the action-comedy genre’s underbelly … a different plane of ickiness … a sponge for urban bad vibes … the blind fool.”