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Alan Moore Hearts Nicolas Roeg

March 31, 2009

performanceThe latest installment of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen will be released as three issues. Alan Moore explains to Ross Byrne how the story spans 100 years and draws upon: Pandora’s Box, The Black Cat, Rosemary’s Baby, The Devil Rides Out, Performance, Get Carter, Villain, The Ruling Class, and Popeye. Moore even gets to play the fanboy:

As if it wasn’t enough bragging about getting a hug from Patti Smith, as if I wasn’t insufferable enough already, just before Christmas, me and Melinda got this phone-call, to congratulate us on Lost Girls from Nic Roeg!

I was reduced to a babbling infant. He phoned up, he’d bought Lost Girls, really loved it, and wanted to congratulate me and Melinda [Gebbie] on it. I was inarticulate. I managed to babble out, “Oh, Mr. Roeg, you’re wonderful, I love you!” or something like that.

The first issue of Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century is out in April.