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DVD Debut: Watchmen, Coraline

July 21, 2009

CoralineIt’s big, blue and balls out. It’s DVD Debut on

Coraline is the work of another comic book maverick gone legit. Neil Gaiman is best known for his work on The Sandman. This stop-motion ‘toon turns his award-winning kids book into the darkest fable since Pinocchio. Blue-haired Coraline is bored with the rainy Northwest and her neglectful parents. A hole in the wall takes her to the family she’s always dreamed of having. As usual, what one wishes for is not what one really wants. A gripping tale filled out with great characters and lyrical flights of animated fancy.

Trailerama: Coraline

January 22, 2009

Fed up with her damp new life in Washington, Coraline discovers a whole better world behind the walls. Acceptance into a new family, though, comes at a price. Based on Neil Gaiman’s story, this stop-motion labor of love from Henry Selick looks like a horror film for children.