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The Slate: White vs. Hoberman, The Addams Family, The Runaways

March 19, 2010

The high point of Armond White’s Greenberg-iad is also the one statement that approaches actual criticism: “I liked Harris Savides’ image of Stiller barely swimming across a pool—possibly an homage to my joke that Baumbach was the rat at the bottom of Margot at the Wedding’s pool.” This man walks among us. (NY Press)

… and J. Hoberman shrugs the whole tirade off. Is this still fun? (VV)

In related news: “The abiding joy [of writing film criticism] comes of saying what you’ve experienced so truthfully and so well that strangers get your meaning whether they agree or not.” It’s an elusive joy, trust us. (Scanners)


Trailerama: Singularidades de Uma Rapariga Loura (Eccentricities of a Blonde Haired Girl)

April 23, 2009

It’s love at first sight for the young man who sees the blonde across the way. Does that mean their love can work? Now 100, Portuguese master Manoel de Oliveira takes the long view. Based on a short story by Eca de Queiroz.