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Trailerama: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

November 4, 2009

The trailer for Jerry Bruckheimer’s latest cash cow boasts more exposition than the prologue to David Lynch’s Dune. It’s also just as confusing. Here’s what we gleaned (we think). Leather-clad dude must get sand that turn back time. Pairs up with attractive chatterbox. As we’ve come to expect from Bruckheimer, there’s a Sternbergian approach to exotic locales, an attractive golden tint to the visuals, and preposterous CGI effects. Ben Kingsley is a long way from Ghandi. The interplay between Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton is cute. Both at some point bare midriff. We’re sure every care has been taken to make this a sand-logged Pirates of Baghdad. Not enough to make us rush out opening weekend, but the competition might not be much better. The script is credited to Jordan Mechner, Jeffrey Nachmanoff, Doug Miro, Carlo Bernard, Boaz Yakin, who only need 35 more cohorts to make it the full 40 thieves.

Hollywood 1, DVD 0

March 23, 2009

dvdHere’s all the news that fit to print: The DVD market is in the tank. Blockbuster is currently growing at a snails pace. And all the studios hate Netflix. So the New York Times is reporting that the studios are going back to what they think they know best: making films that will actually turn a profit at the box office.

Brooks Barnes aligns the statistics. Ticket sales are up 14% for 2009. (Watchmen not withstanding.) Sales for new-release DVDs, on the other hand, are down 40%. The reasons are myriad: a movie is still considered a cheap night out, there are simply too many DVDs out there (Howard the Duck just hit stores, accompanied by the sound of a barrel being scraped) and most of youse is downloading films from t’Internet. The result: studios have lost that retail safety net, or what one producer calls the “downside protection.”

iron-man1The new strategy is getting bums on seats, which may account for the absolute traffic jam of big tentpoles being released in 2010. Among them are Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland, Jon Favreau‘s Iron Man 2, Christopher Nolan‘s Inception, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Toy Story 3, Eclipse, Thor, Green Lantern and a Harry Potter installment. As of this reckoning, we’ll see . Barnes also elegantly sums up the bigger picture:

“In addition to big “tent pole” blockbusters, that means movies that are fun to watch in groups: at least 10 musicals are in full-steam-ahead development, including a remake of “My Fair Lady.” And it means more pictures that are pre-branded: “Monopoly” and “Candy Land,” the movies, are on the way. Most of all, it means a strong return by major studios to middle-of-the-road, genre pictures.”