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The Slate: Green Lantern and Dark Shadows are Going the Distance

March 21, 2009


  • Turns out Green Lantern is a go! The green DC superhero who isn’t Green Arrow (or The Riddler if you’re short-sighted) will be brought to the screen by Casino Royale director Martin Campbell. According to producer Donald De Line, locations are being scouted in Melbourne and Sydney and shooting is due to begin in mid-September. Previously mooted as Hal Jordan: Jack Black (back when the film was a comedy), Anton Yelchin, Chris Pine and … that’s it. More news once our power ring recharges. (Dark Horizons)
  • Sign of a slow news day: the Internet is quivering over the news that Tim Burton may not begin shooting the Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp this summer. He might have to wait until … this fall! Can we possibly do without our Barnabas Collins fix for a few more months? Actually, yes. The production has been delayed because Burton is still slaving on Alice in Wonderland, footage of which drew audible gasps of wonderlandishness at a recent Disney/DreamWorks shareholders confab. Work faster, Burton, work faster! To hell with quality! Depp is due to begin shooting The Rum Diaries on schedule at the end of the month. (Deadline Hollywood Daily)
  • Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costner are joining Ben Affleck in John Wells’ The Company Men. The film will be a fascinating exploration in the effects of petrification on three Hollywood actors in the guise of a drama about corporate downsizing. Because there’s nothing unemployed people like better than watching films about unemployed people. Affleck is the laid-off high-flyer who crashes to earth at Costner and Jones’ laconic construction firm. (Variety)
  • The latest film from the team behind Takenhas been picked up for release by Lionsgate. From Paris With Love finds John Travolta “hooking up” with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It’s a thriller, natch, with Travolta’s special agent and Meyers’ innocent embassy employee fighting terrorists and, if screenwriter Luc Besson has anything to do with it, engaging in some inappropriate Gallic slapstick. The film, directed by Taken‘s Pierre Morel, is due to open Feb. 19, 2010. (Variety)
  • The resistible rise of the Mac mensch continues. Justin Long has signed to star in Going the Distance, a romantic comedy about a long-distance relationship that’s been stretched to breaking point. Long will play the man who realizes he’d rather date somebody who lives around the corner. Expect lots of Skype product placement and Facebook gags. (Variety)

Trailer Snark: Year One

March 21, 2009

The Bible and comedy are not things … just think about Evan Almightyand stand the hell back. But if somebody packages the ribald smart-assery of Jack Black and that dying on the vine thing that Michael Cera does, then you could pull in a few paying punters. And what if you decided to have them play guys wandering around the land of the Old Testament? Well, that’s when it all starts getting a little Sodom and Gomorrah.

The full-length trailer for their new comedy Year One, directed by Harold Ramis, doesn’t help things much. At first it seems like it might be a spoof of 10,000 B.C., with Cera and Black’s barbarians sitting around in pelts and knocking women over the head with clubs. But a miffed Black decides to cut out on his own after imbibing on the Tree of Knowledge, and soon this odd couple are crossing paths with Cane and Abel and doing a stoning scene that isn’t nearly as funny as Life of Brian. In fact, the whole thing has the cobbled together feel of a Friedberg/Seltzer production, except with a “Look, it’s Sheba!” instead of “Look, it’s Captain Jack Sparrow!” element. Still, we like the way Jack Black says, “Take her back to your hut!” and if you make Groundhog Day, then you can be forgiven most things.

So, do you think Year One is worth marking the calendar for?

Year Onehas a story by Harold Ramis. Ramis wrote the script with Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. The pair’s resume includes episodes of The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm. They have both appeared as the Vance Refrigeration delivery guys in the former series. According to Wikipedia, they may also be working on the new Ghostbusters 3-D film. Year One opens on June 19.