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The War for the Soul of the Film Society of Lincoln Center

April 2, 2009

film-comment-coverIndiewire draws our attention to the recent New York Times article on the future of the Film Society of Lincoln Center. The organization screens hundreds of films from around the world in one of the country’s greatest theaters, the Walter Reade. Members could be guaranteed cut-price tickets to the cream of the global festivals and early dibs on New York Film Festival and New Directors New Films festival tickets. Now, it’s all change.

Led by new executive director Mara Manus, the FSLC have started construction on a new building that will hold two additional theatres, lecture rooms and the inevitable restaurant/cafe. With change has also come upheaval. Manus has fired seven members of the 42-person staff, replacing some with old cohorts from the New York Public Theater where she was executive director. Eyebrows then shot up when the popular programmer and Film Comment contributing editor Kent Jones ankled the society. Four colleagues followed him.


Juliette Binoche Goes East

March 4, 2009

I haven’t read much about it, but art house star Juliette Binoche’s latest thing is a dance project called In-I. The piece is a collaboration with London-based choreographer Akram Khan, who appeared in Peter Brook’s The Mahabharata and worked with Anthony Gormley. She’s currently in Hong Kong performing at the 37th Arts Festival. So have we lost the French beauty to the stage forever? Not quite. The South China Morning Post‘s Vivienne Chow is reporting that Binoche has been talking film projects with both Jia Zhangke and Hou Hsiao-Hsien. Binoche and Hou, of course, previously collaborated on Flight of the Red Balloon. But the idea of Jia giving Binoche the Three Gorges Dam treatment is certainly an appealing one.