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The Kid$ Are Alright

March 12, 2009

daniel-radcliffeForbes loves itself some jailbait, especially when that jailbait is capable of earning MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. (Yes, we’re aware we’re wearing out the all-caps thing. It’s a phase. It will pass.) The magazine has just printed its latest bit of financial voodoo, a list of Hollywood’s Most Valuable Young Stars. “Young” is defined as under 19. Sitting pretty at the top are Daniel Radcliffe and Miley Cyrus.

The results are drawn from something called the Forbes Star Currency actors survey, which appears to take age, divide it by box office gross, apply a multiplier based on salary, and then subject the result to the question “Will it keep our users clicking through a sponsored photo flipbook?” The top 10 once we’ve clicked through it, and the experts’ commentary, after the jump.