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DVD Debut: Angels & Demons, Funny People

November 24, 2009

DVD Debut gives Dan Brown a puff of white smoke over at

The pope is dead, his four eligible successors have been kidnapped, and there’s a ticking bomb somewhere in the Vatican. Who you gonna call? Tom Hanks, of course. After making peace with the papacy, ancient manuscripts are dug up and soon he’s racing all over Rome to stop the ancient city from becoming a crater. There’s a nice surprise for audiences, too. This Da Vinci Code prequel-gone-sequel is devilishly good fun, with Ron Howard providing Grand Guignol flourishes worthy of fright-meister Dario Argento.

Trailerama: The Ugly Truth

April 13, 2009

If we interpreted the smoke signals from last month’s ShoWest correctly, The Ugly Truth is poised to be the big summer romantic comedy. Which made us wonder about the bankability of Katherine Heigl. Is she popular? Since Knocked Up led to Vanity Fair covers, her work has been distinguished mainly by the so-so 27 Dresses and the occasional tantrum over Grey’s Anatomy. And why is she popular? Then we watched the new Truth trailer and it started to make sense. Katherine Heigl is ready to be humiliated.

The Ugly Truth pits her television producer against Gerard Butler‘s macho meathead “guest commentator.” At first, they can’t stand each other. She’s sunny, he’s the dark side of the moon. But when a surgeon catches Heigl’s fancy, Butler agrees to play a Cyrano of sorts to their relationship. Acting on Butler’s insights into the male mind, Heigl might just be able to win her guy’s heart. However, as time goes on, the unlikely pair begin to feel a little lovin’ frisson. The only question is–who is going to rub off on whom?