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David Lynch has a Twitter feed!

March 6, 2009

Since most of my time is spent picking my nose and eating chocolate chips cookies out of a trough, I’ve always figured getting a Twitter feed was a little pointless. It would make much more sense to simply hand out coins with “eating chocolate chip cookies” on one side and “digging for gold” on the other, and let the follower flip as appropriate. David Lynch, however, has a bit of a fuller slate. So stumbling on his Twitter feedis cause for celebration. And celebration means White Fudge Chips Ahoy chez Showers.

Lynch’s Tweets are a mix of his press release-style material, weather reports and a “thought for the day.” His current mantra=

“The number and depth of those moments of silence with activity in the production of a work (continued …) … directly influence the true value of the product.”

Yeah, character count’s a bitch, huh? (Logic, too!) But there are few bum notes in this man’s birdsong. Lynch has even pointed the way to a YouTube clip of a short film he submitted to Los Angeles’ NuArt movie housein the early 1980s. The clip has Lynch thanking NuArt for their support Eraserhead and seems to record a brief flirtation with garden gnome imagery that, sadly, has not appeared elsewhere in the director’s work. Think positive thoughts, team!