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SXSW: And the Winners Are …

March 17, 2010

The SXSW Film Festival still has a few days to run, but the awards have already gone. Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture, where the filmmaker herself stars as a college grad at a loose end in New York, won the Narrative Feature competition. Look for it to turn up in a 2 AM slot on IFC sometime in the next five years. The best documentary feature was Marwencol, Jeff Malmberg’s portrait of a man who recovers from a beating by building a town in his backyard.

In the acting race, Brian Hasenfus’ incarnation of an aging party animal in Garth Donovan’s Phillip the Fossil boogied off with the Best Individual Performance award. David Robert Mitchell’s Myth of the American Sleepover received a best ensemble award for its cast of youngsters adrift in Detroit. A party will be held to celebrate David’s victory as soon as his parents leave town.

The audience had different preferences. They named Jim Bigham and Mark Moormann’s look at a band of mentally and physically challenged musicians, For Once in My Life, best documentary feature. You can fill in your own Tropic Thunder-inspired quip here before going away to be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. It was also popcorn containers in the air for Brotherhood. Will Canon’s thriller about a fraternity hazing that goes very wrong was named best narrative feature. Makes us feel better about those Greek letters branded on our butt.

The full list of winners is after the jump. Click on the titles for trailers where available.


The Great SXSW 2010 Preview Dump: Midnighters

March 11, 2010

The needy, rancid, blackened heart of the SXSW beats its fearsome tattoo at midnight. That’s when the jowly denizens of the dark come out to play, eyes wide as they tap into their iphones strange messages like “Grobius’s Colon: best horror film since Maniac Cop. Need pancakes!” Will 2010 finally satisfy their baleful tweets for fresh cinematic hamburger? Among the wannabe cult objects are the usual suspects: deceptively ordinary hillbillies, goatmen, and the latest epileptic effort from mad ‘n’ bad Frenchman Gaspar Noé.

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A young girl’s sexual awakening is related in three discrete episodes. Amer is seen as girl, teenager and woman, navigating an uncertain world of dark houses and mysterious strangers, before a final scene that will probably blow your mind. Directors Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani’s story of a woman’s sexual awakening takes its cues from the giallo filmmaking of Mario Bava and Dario Argento.

Soudain le vide (Enter the Void)

Few films can clear a room faster than Gaspar Noé’s Irreversible, which puts the “god, no” into “uncompromising.” After eight years of silence, his latest film promises a hallucinogenic look into a drug peddler’s last five minutes of life. Pitched somewhere between Roger Corman’s The Trip and Tony Conrad’s The Flicker, Noé may be taking drugs to make films to take drugs to—and we like it!


The Great SXSW 2010 Preview Dump: Headliners

March 10, 2010

Why not wait until 48 hours before the SXSW Film Festival kicks off to post our preview? That’s a question that will haunt Squally until we crawl into our premature grave. While nobler movie bloggers pack their bags for Austin–visions of Harry Knowles smeared with BBQ dancing in their heads—here’s a humble look at what’s screening over the next nine days. First up: a rattle bag of marquee fodder which includes the Duplasses’ venture into the mainstream, Robert Duvall facing off against Bill Murray, Rhys Ifans as a stoner hero and the triumphant return of Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Click on the titles to watch trailers.

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The Duplass Brothers do a David Gordon Green, moving to a bigger budget and familiar faces, while mining a familiar seam of discomfort that doesn’t seem so radical in hindsight. Things look like they’re turning around for loser John C. Reilly when he meets the hot Marisa Tomei. The problem is she has a stay-at-home son played by Jonah Hill. That means he’s going to be plenty gross and creepy.

Four Lions

Fresh from Sundance, where it failed to raise hackles, comes British satirist Chris Morris’s terrorist comedy. A quartet of hapless Sheffield Muslims cook up a suicide bomber plot that, in the best tradition of Anglo-cringe comedy, comes undone through their own stupidity. The point is that while fundamentalism and dimwittedness go hand-in-hand, the results are no laughing matter. Feel-badness all ‘round, then.


Trailerama: Soudain le Vide (Enter the Void)

June 8, 2009

Gaspar Noe: Even his teasers are exercises in frustration. Cannes reports say the film is about the last five minutes of a Tokyo drug dealer. We’re guessing that’s him cradling the porcelain god.