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Moon: You Caught Me Standing Alone

January 22, 2010

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) works on the dark side of the moon. He’s approaching the end of a three-year stint monitoring the mining of helium-3, a mineral whose solarized properties have provided a solution to our energy crisis. Bell has the beard of a Robinson Crusoe and a Friday companion in the form of a computer named Gerty. Gerty is voiced by Kevin Spacey, doing his best paranoid android. In one of the film’s many smart touches, the computer’s face is a stiffly animated emoticon. In spite of the company, Bell is going a little stir crazy. He creates dialogues for his plants and works on building a matchstick model of his hometown that he can’t remember starting.

The first part of director Duncan Jones’s debut feature has an eerie quality. The strange nature of satellite time is created using temporal ellipses, strangely placed fades and sound bridges. These early scenes sometimes end too early or go on too long, which makes sense. Bell is a one-man show where there’s no audience and no one to play off. He watches video messages left for him by his wife Tess (the very attractive Dominique McElligott), but we’re not sure if he’s watching them in chronological order. He can’t communicate earth directly due to faulty mechanics.


Trailerama: Moon

April 10, 2009

Sam Rockwell is one of those buried treasures. He does consistently good work in movies that are underseen (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and which sometimes don’t even deserve to be seen (Choke). Even when he’s not the main attraction, as in The Assassination of Jesse James …, he’s able to sketch a character or help hoist a scene into life in ways that lesser actors aren’t capable of. Decades from now, people will look back at his films and go, “Why wasn’t this guy huge?”

One of the answers may lie in the upcoming Moon, which is an insane project for anyone to take on. His astronaut has spent three years operating a moon quarry on his own. Plenty of opportunities, then, to go stir crazy. His principal interactions are with GERTY, a computer voiced by Kevin Spacey. He also speaks to his family via a video-phone. Then, just as his tenure is about to come to a close, Rockwell’s spaceman makes a discovery that suggests he’s not alone. Or is he?


Your Codpiece Awaits You, Mr. Crowe

March 28, 2009

russell-crowe1There are certain films which you can just smell the fear on. One of those is Ridley Scott‘s forthcoming Robin Hood film. The movie has had more changes of direction than David Bowie‘s career. It still doesn’t even have a title. Now it doesn’t even have star Russell Crowe‘s hair. He told WENN that it–like so much of the film–wasn’t working for him. So he’s decided to shear off the Nelson-like mane he grew to play Sir Robin of Locksley.

He says, “I just got sick of it. I made two movies working around the length of the hair–just for Robin Hood–and then, once we finally got the green light, and I knew that I had to click into the work-outs seriously, it didn’t suit any more.”

We admire Crowe’s commitment to the Method, but he needs to learn that there are wig-makers for a reason. Crowe has also poo-pooed the idea that he’ll be prancing around Sherwood Forest in tights. Rather, he’s going for the full Jethro Tull:

“Basically, the period we’re dealing with is 1198 to 1202 and tights weren’t invented for another 400 years. I do have a pretty nice, snazzy pair of leather pamts with a rather large cod-piece.”

Here’s a preview:


Tribeca: But Wait! There’s More!

March 12, 2009

john-hurtPoor Tribeca International Film Festival. They release their slate to great fanfare and all they get are a bunch of people saying that the recession has made movie-going no fun and another handful of cineastes wondering how to fill up the last two weeks in April. So they’ve decided to toss out a few more feature-length bones to remind us that watching Uzbek animation and Ben Lyons being ushered to the front of the line can be a wonderful thing. If not quite as wonderful as ice cream. The new line-up includes films from Steven Soderbergh, Eric Bana, and Cheryl Hines; a star turn from John Hurt and a woman who has done oral; a biting British satire; and two trawls through the nether world of New York film-making. More after the jump!