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Frank Henenlotter Brings Bad Biology to Boston!

March 19, 2009

buff-2009The New York Underground Film Festival is sadly no more. Boo! But the Boston Underground Film Festival is alive and kicking both legs and several other appendages. Eegah! The BUFF kicks off tonight with a screening of incredibly strange filmmaker Frank Henenlotter‘s Bad Biology, his first film since 1992’s Basket Case 3: The Progeny. The insanity starts at 7:30 PM at the Kendall Square Cinema.

Biologydoesn’t shake up Henenlotter’s bag of tricks too hard, featuring a phallic beastie, lousy acting, and a special effects budget that was probably equal to the cash spent on craft services. Musician/actress Charlee Danielson is the actress taking on the role of Jennifer, whose mutant cooch demands constant satisfaction. When not bashing out the brains of her lovers and tossing stem cells in the trash, Jennifer is searching for nothing less than a holy shag with the Most High. She settles a man with the aforementioned wang. Sez Film Threat, “A hoot that hollers throughout.”

Mickey and Scarlett: Iron Man and the Sunglasses Question

March 12, 2009

iron-manGreat Ceasar’s Ghost! Nikki Finke has gotten out her Marvel Ouija Board and the backroom spirits are speaking to her. The Deadline Hollywood Daily doyenne has broken the news that Mickey Rourke is going to play a Russian bad guy in Iron Man 2. She also shares that Scarlett Johansson, unfazed by her flirtation with fascism in The Spirit, is also taking another hit on the comic crackpipe. She’s set to play Black Widow, a Russian bad girl. And if you don’t know any Russian bad girls, then you’ve never had your wallet lifted.

The undercurrent of Finke’s reporting is that Marvel are a bunch of chisellers. Having said “bye bye bye” to Terrence Howard because he was the priciest guy on the cast, the studio attempted to low-ball both Mickey and Scarlett. But while Marvel went dry, Rourke was still pissing. Johansson might want to have a word in her agent’s ear.