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The Limits of Control: Graphic Nudity and Some Language

March 6, 2009

Jim Jarmusch leads a termite life, and that probably suits him just fine. His work may never be truly appreciated until he’s no longer around. His second and third films formed such an indelible impression of who he is as an artist that every subsequent attempt to do something different is merely disregarded. He is a filmmaker of return, cloaking his obsession with certain imagery and ideas with a need to constantly be exploring new (physical) territory. His tenth film, The Limits of Control, now has a trailer.

Jarmusch has his recurring themes and motifs that he riffs around. The notion of a “road movie” is no more of a cliche to him than a familiar chord sequence might be to a jazz musician. It’s not the core that’s important, it’s what happens around it. Both Night on Earth and Coffee and Cigarettes were built around the model of theme with variations. (more…)