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Indianapolis Melodrama: Public Enemies Trailer Debuts

March 5, 2009

I’m not tech savvy enough to figure out how to embed it on the site, but those curious about Michael Mann‘s Public Enemies will want to fly over to the Apple site to watch the latest trailer.

It’s exciting stuff, showing off the compositional flair of cinematographer Dante Spinotti, who worked with Mann on The Insider and Heat. He’s also made gangsters gleam in L.A. Confidential. The opening bank robbery reflects the interest in criminal process which goes back to Mann’s debut Thief. I also like how the jackets of the gangsters contrast with the grey edifice of the bank. They’re like gleaming insects crawling up the institutional edifice. Clothing is clearly going to be key here–also prominent is the red of Billie Frechette’s coat, which will prove to be John Dillinger’s undoing.