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Berlin 2010 Preview: Forum, Part 1

February 11, 2010

So if the Panorama section deals with contemporary issues and Generations is for the children, what’s Forum? Well, loosely defined it’s where Berlin can put all the other films they like. There’s a particular emphasis on first-time filmmakers and experimental approaches. The net is cast wide this year, with movies from as far a-field as the Chinese-Burma border and Uganda in the first installment of our Forum preview. As for cutting edge, cut-up techniques are used to relate a transsexual romance. The line-up includes the best movie about clams since that one with Elvis Presley. Click on the titles to watch trailers.

Aisheen (Still Alive in Gaza)

Swiss documentary filmmaker Nicolas Wadimoff went to Gaza to find the images behind the headlines. He got the goods. This al-Jazeera co-production shows how life goes on under the blockade, with moments of ordinary happiness punctuated by the occasional explosion.

La belle visite

The subjects of Jean-François Caissy’s documentary are in an unusual place. They live in a Quebec roadside motel that’s been turned into a retirement home. Caissy’s long takes and eye for detail emphasizes the grim tragedy of getting old in a mausoleum with has lost none of its transient air.


Trailerama: Aisheen (Still Alive in Gaza)

November 25, 2009

The images we associate with Gaza are explosions, rubble and bullet-holes. There’s plenty of those in Swiss filmmaker Nicolas Wadimoff’s documentary. But he’s more interested in the people doggedly holding on in the face of the Israeli blockade. Interviews and on-the-ground footage show how a domestic resilience has set in. Odd moments of beauty are salvaged from the wreckage. From clowns to rappers, these people aren’t just still alive. They’re also not going anywhere. Produced by Al Jazeera Children’s Channel, whose version of Sesame Street has to be seen to be believed.