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New DVD Debut: Adventureland, Duplicity

August 25, 2009

DuplicityDVD Debut gets into bed with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen and doesn’t know if it’s coming or going.

This clever-clever caper of corporate intrigue involves the fascinating subject of ex-spies who now work for big business. On opposite sides of the boardroom table are suave spook Clive Owen and Julia Roberts, a dame to kill for. Their perfect eyebrows are collectively raised when Roberts’ firm announces a discovery that will revolutionize the cosmetics industry. This lighthearted thriller is smartly paced with plenty of twists and turns, but Owen struggles opposite an actress whose face has become curiously frozen.

Trailerama: Adventureland

February 23, 2009

Even in Superbad, there were traces of the warmth that director Greg Mottola displayed on his acclaimed debut Daytrippers. He’s written and directed his latest film, which recalls an ’80s summer spent working for a disreputable amusement park. Expect something with a little more charm than raunch. (At least we don’t see Jonah Hill anywhere.) Soundtrack by Yo La Tengo. Due to screen at this year’s SXSW Film Festival.