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Trailerama: The Ugly Truth

April 13, 2009

If we interpreted the smoke signals from last month’s ShoWest correctly, The Ugly Truth is poised to be the big summer romantic comedy. Which made us wonder about the bankability of Katherine Heigl. Is she popular? Since Knocked Up led to Vanity Fair covers, her work has been distinguished mainly by the so-so 27 Dresses and the occasional tantrum over Grey’s Anatomy. And why is she popular? Then we watched the new Truth trailer and it started to make sense. Katherine Heigl is ready to be humiliated.

The Ugly Truth pits her television producer against Gerard Butler‘s macho meathead “guest commentator.” At first, they can’t stand each other. She’s sunny, he’s the dark side of the moon. But when a surgeon catches Heigl’s fancy, Butler agrees to play a Cyrano of sorts to their relationship. Acting on Butler’s insights into the male mind, Heigl might just be able to win her guy’s heart. However, as time goes on, the unlikely pair begin to feel a little lovin’ frisson. The only question is–who is going to rub off on whom?


The Slate: Inception Issues, MIB Goes for 3

April 2, 2009


  • Christopher Nolan‘s Inception is hatching itself a cast and even has a homeskillet to throw the yolk on. Leonardo DiCaprio will be toplining the “contemporary sci-fi actioner” as a business exec, with Marion Cotillard as his wife (miam-miam!) and Ellen Page as his no doubt tart-tongued sidekick. Cillian Murphy will be there, too, although no one’s sure what’ll be doing. The story is supposed to involve “the architecture of the mind,” although it could just as well involve “rumors spread on the Internet about upcoming movies.” (Variety/Cinematical)
  • Sony announced at this year’s ShoWest shindig for exhibitors and their wifes/partners/mistresses that they’re working on a Men in Black 3. We decided not to post this yesterday, thinking it was an April Fool’s joke. Guess not. Sony don’t have a cast lined up, but expect an announcement as soon as they can unfreeze Tommy Lee Jones‘ forehead. (Entertainment Weekly)
  • Speaking of Men in Black … Franchise director Barry Sonnenfeld has made some mistakes in his time. You might think that RV is one of them. But the Coen Bros. DP-turned-director has a unique eye, so we’re rooting for his latest project, The Spellman Files. The first of Lisa Lutz’s Izzy Spellman mysteries introduces us to a dysfunctional PI couple’s daughter who wants out of the family business. They agree, providing she solves one last case. Booklist notes “bit after comic bit does not a mystery novel make,” but that hasn’t stopped Sonnenfeld in the past. (Variety)
  • Jonathan Levine turned heads at Sundance with The Wackness, although audiences outside Park Slope’s environs had stiffer necks. Now the director tapping into the neglected babysitter genre for The Sitter. A college student is suspended for the semester and spends his spare time babysitting the wacky neighborhood kids. Maybe he’ll introduce them to blunts and Wu-Tang. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Sure, he’s been in stuff like 21 and will be in stuff like Men Who Stare at Goats. But it feels like Kevin Spacey has retired since moving to London to head up the Old Vic. Will Father of Invention be his comeback vehicle? The Oscar-winner is producing and starring as an inventor whose success leads to egomania, breakdown, a prison sentence and possible redemption. Sounds like Spacey’s career in a nut-shell. Trent Cooper (Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector) will direct the indie comedy, co-written with … did we just type the words “Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector”? Sigh. Never mind. (Variety)

The Slate: The Fantastic Four meet Crazy Eddie: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes

March 11, 2009

jessica-albaToday’s last pre-americano edition:

  • Fantastic Four wasn’t Squally’s cuppa chai, but he could appreciate that it was a superhero movie aimed at kids who think “moral complexity” was a guest star on The Suite Life of Zach & Cody. Fox disagree. They’re planning a “reboot” that will take the 4 in a direction marked “edgy.” They also want a new cast. The upside: more time for Jessica Alba‘s acting lessons. (
  • He used to be Brundlefly, but Jeff Goldblum has a new sideline: hero’s best friend. He’s playing Jason Bateman’s chum in The Baster, about a man who artificially inseminates BFF Jennifer Aniston. Yes, there is something creepy about the whole thing … and it’s based on a Jeffrey Eugenides short story. But if Goldblum also emerges from Aniston’s uterus? Game ON! (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Before Bernie Madoff, there was Crazy Eddie. Now Danny DeVito is putting on his director’s hat to bring retail scammer Eddie Antar’s life story to the big screen. Antar cooked his chain’s books to the extent that he ended up being extradited from Israel and coughing up $150 million in fines. The script is by Peter Steinfeld (21), so expect at least one ker-azy trip to Vegas. DeVito … his pitches are “In-sa-a-a-a-a-ane!” (Variety)
  • Failing to screw up 28 Weeks Later, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is now going to try and remake Roger Corman‘s MASTERPIECE X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes with a little bit of dignity. Which, trust us, is the last thing that movie needs. MGM are ponying up the cash, and Fresnadillo is currently meeting with writers. Any takers for a Immoral Mr. Teas retcon? [That’s enough geek jive – Ed.] (Variety)
  • We’ve had a soft spot for scribe Ronald Harwood ever since Albert Finney yelled “Stop … that … train!” in The Dresser. The playwright won an Oscar for The Pianist. Now he’s tackling Nicholas II and the Romanovs, the Tsarist family beloved of people who have never lived under tyranny’s yoke. The indie film will be based on Robert Alexander’s novel The Kitchen Boy: A Novel of the Last Tsar. (Variety)