The Slate: White vs. Hoberman, The Addams Family, The Runaways

The high point of Armond White’s Greenberg-iad is also the one statement that approaches actual criticism: “I liked Harris Savides’ image of Stiller barely swimming across a pool—possibly an homage to my joke that Baumbach was the rat at the bottom of Margot at the Wedding’s pool.” This man walks among us. (NY Press)

… and J. Hoberman shrugs the whole tirade off. Is this still fun? (VV)

In related news: “The abiding joy [of writing film criticism] comes of saying what you’ve experienced so truthfully and so well that strangers get your meaning whether they agree or not.” It’s an elusive joy, trust us. (Scanners)

Fauxteur Tim Burton must think it very strange that his greatest streak of (financial) success has coincided with his utter artistic bankruptcy. So he’s working on a feature-length version of the short Frankenweenie and a stop-motion animated take on The Addams Family. In 3D, natch. (DHD)

An independent filmmaker throws around names like Philip Seymour Hoffman and John C. Reilly while discussing a possible Daniel Johnston biopic. Writers take the bait. Adds that his film “doesn’t really cover any of the same stuff” as the documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston.” Prompts question, “Why?” (Pedestrian.TV)

Kim Fowley lets rip about The Runaways and whatever else crosses his mind. Miles Raymer says “the piece reads less like an interview and more like an extended rant,” indicating this is his first encounter with the man. (Chicago Reader)

They’ve found a director for the Stephen King/John Mellencamp stage musical The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County and it’s … Liv Ullman. That calls for a question mark followed by an exclamation point. (Variety)

The good news: Manoel de Oliveira’s Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl will be coming to the U.S. The bad: it’s described as a “light sketch.” Well, the guy is 200 years old. (The Front Row)

Roger Ebert fails to settle the argument that the title monster of How to Train Your Dragon looks like a penis. Good response about great acting, though. (Answer Man)

The Auteurs offers up a chance to watch Cannes winners from L’Avventura to Happy Together online, courtesy of a Belgian brand of loopy juice. (The Auteurs)

Also on The Auteurs: The madness of Leo McCarey’s My Son John. (The Auteurs)

Is The Bounty Hunter this year’s All About Steve?Perhaps more importantly, what can we do with Jennifer Aniston?

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