Trailerama: Audrey the Trainwreck

This trailer for “A Film by Frank V. Ross” is a crystallization of the 2010 indie aesthetic. A chorus of voices exchange niceties and expressions of twentysomething angst. The visuals are of parties, meetings, cafe encounters. There is a steady stream of women. There are guys with facial hair and without facial hair looking at those women. There is a lot of thinking about sex without actual sex. There is an acknowledgement that these tensions continue in a workplace doomed to disappoint its employees. It is to now what Walking and Talking was to the early ’90s. What the trailer doesn’t tell you is what at the heart of this movie–a flirtation between an ATM parts purchaser and courier who meet on the ‘net. And no, we still don’t know who Audrey is. Screening at the 2010 SXSW Film Festival.

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