Trailerama: The Last Airbender

Squally had heard a few whispers about Airbender‘s casting being deemed racist. We didn’t pay it any mind since we’re unfamiliar with the franchise. Watching the trailer, however, it’s clear something is not right. The broad outline appears to be Harry Potter Goes to Shangri-La, with a young boy being trained to save the world from unimaginable evil blah blah blah. It does seem strange, however, to see what used to be an Asian character looking like a caucasian sitcom son with a shaved head. It’s disappointing since it would be nice to see a Hollywood production that respectfully kowtows to Asian traditions. America went crazy for Sessue Hayakawa. Why can’t we accept an Asian chop-socky tyke? That said, director M. Night Shyamalan pulls off some impressive visual coups. Let’s hope his storytelling chops haven’t been submerged underneath the budget.


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