Berlin 2010 Preview: Panorama Main/Special, Part 3

Starting with a Sapphic rock ‘n’ roll band and ending with an elegy for the Bolivian aristocracy, the final part of our Panorama preview contains a broad range of viewpoints. Of note is an Aki Kaurismaki-endorsed story of incest, stories of seclusion from Russia and Israel, a no holds barred biopic about Ian Dury and a charming collection of South Korean actresses. Click on the titles to watch trailers.

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The Owls

An aging ex-members of a lesbian rock band get a kick up the behind by the appearance of a 20-year-old newcomer. Twisted passions lead to both rebirth and revenge. The ninth film from Liberian-born lesbian director Cheryl Dunye (My Baby’s Daddy) stars Guinevere Turner, best known for writing the screenplays to American Psycho and I Shot Andy Warhol.

Paha perhe (Bad Family)

Produced by Aki Kaurismaki, this deadpan comedy features an obsessive single dad (Ville Virtanen) who will do anything to keep his son from hooking up with the love of his life—who happens to be the boy’s sister. The icky topic is perfect fodder for that very special brand of Finnish humor. Directed by Aleksi Salmenperä (A Man’s Work).


File Isao Yukisada’s film under the “new roommate in the mix” genre (see also Father of Invention). A gay hustler moves into a two bedroom apartment shared by four others. Their ménage is threatened by violent attacks in their neighborhood. As with other roomie films, rubbing up against one another usually leads to other types of friction.


For the last four years, a young computer programmer (Ofer Shechter) has refused to leave his apartment. His existence is threatened by a sexy newcomer and a landlord who wants to sell the place. Drastic action leads to a full-blown crack-up in the new psychological thriller from Israeli filmmakers Doron and Yoav Paz.

Plein sud (Going South)

A man search for his long-lost mother takes a strange left turn picks up a pair of attractive and frisky hitchhikers. And what usually happens when you pick up cute hitchers? Very bad things. Sebastien Lifshitz’s new film stars Yannick Renier (Nes en 68) and Lea Seydoux (The Last Mistress).

Por tu culpa (It’s Your Fault)

Many of the films in the Panorama section explore the theme of going it alone. This Argentine drama takes a different perspective. Single mother Erica Rivas’s time and resources are overstretched by the demands of looking after two young boys. An accident tears her already fragile world apart in this drama from director Anahi Berneri (Encarnacion).

Propavshyi bez vesty (Missing Man)

Speaking of isolation … A programmer (Andrey Filippack) tries to shut out the world, but for reasons that seem to be a mystery even to him, he begins to rebel against his inertia. Director Anna Fencheniko has put together this Russian puzzle film.

Red Hill

In an outback take on High Noon, a young constable (True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten) faces off against an escaped prisoner over the course of his first day on duty. A violent modern-day Western directed by Aussie filmmaker Patrick Hughes.

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

The life and times of Blockhead Ian Dury, who spruced up the U.K. charts with his Essex poetry but could also be a right prick sometimes. Lord of the Rings very own Gollum Andy Serkis stars as the rock singer in Mat Whitecross’s biopic.

Son of Babylon

A mother looks for her MIA soldier son. Her willful grandson joins her on an odyssey across Iraq. Mohamed al Daradji’s film previously screened at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

Veselchaki (Jolly Fellows)

This Russian ensemble dramedy looks at the highs and lows of being a drag queen in Moscow. Call it To Ivan Foo. Felix Mikhailov’s film acknowledges the prejudice rife in a city whose mayor has repeatedly nixed a gay pride parade. With Renata Litvinova (Passions).

Welcome to the Rileys

A grieving salesman (James Gandolfini) has his life changed by a teenage prostitute (Kristen Stewart) he meets in a Baton Rouge strip club. Can Mallory replace the daughter he lost? Jake Scott’s twisted drama received its premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Yeobaewoodle (The Actresses)

E J-Yong’s film takes six well-known South Korean actresses—including Thirst’s Kim Ok-vin, Woman on the Beach’s Ko Hyun-jung, and big-in-Japan soap star Choi Ji-woo—and sets them at odds during a Vogue photo shoot in this fictional spin on their real lives and jealousies.

Zona Sur (Southern District)

In a verdant valley outside of La Paz, the election of an indigenous president threatens a aristocratic family’s decadent existence. This elegant take on La Cienaga was directed by Juan Carlos Valdivia, who tells his story using a restlessly tracking camera.

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