Shortwave: Open Your Heart

Three simple ideas at work in this music video from Michel Gondry:

i) coordinate the dancers movement so it approximates the beat of the song.
ii) dress the singer and dancers in matching bi-chromatic shirts which create bright colorful patterns as dictated by the choreography
iii) situate the singer and dancers in a featureless concrete corner of a large coastal city. choose locations based on how they highlight the colors and create opportunities for movement

What keeps the video from being a purely formalist exercise is the selection of the dancers, who represent a wide array of shapes and sizes. As Gondry stated in the title of his book, You’ll Like This Film Because You’re In It–or at least see yourself in it. The song is pretty cute, too. Mia Doi Todd is an L.A.-based songwriter and “Open Your Heart” is taken from a forthcoming album.

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