Best of the Decade, No. 100: Never Back Down

There are films that you see because they’re supposed to be good for you. Then there are films which are the tonic for jaded eyes. Such is this teen-friendly knuckle-duster, in which a country boy is thrown into the world of Florida high school fight clubs. No innovation or transcendence is needed. The plot is a premise for good looking boys to strip off and start throwing ham while the good looking girls simper on the sidelines. As the decade drew to a close, director Jeff Wadlow (Cry Wolf) stripped away extraneous elements to stay true to the exploitative heart getting pummeled beneath.
See also: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)


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One Response to “Best of the Decade, No. 100: Never Back Down”

  1. Dodgymusicboy Says:

    Karate Kid meets Bloodsport, not sure about the sidekick tho…

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