Trailerama: Robin Hood

Director Ridley Scott’s fascination with the thin line between civilization and barbarism continues in this obvious companion piece to A Good Year Gladiator. This isn’t going to be half as fun as Errol Flynn’s version of the medieval legend, which Scott has winnowed down to a simple good vs. evil slow motion stomp-fest. Love him or hate him, Russell Crowe is capable of delivering the macho goods. Cate Blanchett’s cold front gives the peasants something else to complain about aside from moisture and starvation. It looks gorgeous, too. The script was worked on by Ethan Reiff, Cyrus Voris, and Brian Helgeland, who did a neat riff on the period in 2001’s A Knight’s Tale.

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  1. Spring Movie Preview 2010 « SquallyShowers Says:

    […] Robin Hood Release date: May 14 Starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Mark Strong Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott will to breathe a big sigh of relief when Hood finally swings into theatres. The film began life with Crowe playing both the green-tighted outlaw and the Sheriff of Nottingham. It’s since been scaled back to a medieval tale with requisite Gladiator trimmings. Fun fact: Robin Hood was played by Robert Frazer in the earliest surviving movie about his adventures. In a career spanning over 200 films, Frazer went on to play such characters as Jesus Christ, “Vanderbilt’s broker” and “Crooked Businessman.” […]

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