DVD Debut: Knowing, Push, The Unborn

The UnbornAnother week, another Nic Cage movie. Oh, and another DVD Debut on VH1.com.

This horror movie gets right down to it. Odette Yustman has barely been onscreen for a second when she’s seeing creepy dogs, creepy children, and digging up a demon fetus in the snow. The shocks come quick and fast for a while, before settling into a Jewish spin on The Exorcist. The dybbuk intending to inhabit Yustman’s body, which looks good in underwear, has beef stretching all the way back to the Holocaust. Why it would trouble someone so devoid of any kind of personality, however, is never explained.


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2 Responses to “DVD Debut: Knowing, Push, The Unborn”

  1. daniel Says:

    i love your ass

  2. daniel Says:

    i love your ass that I well do evey thing to toch it

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