Trailerama: Shutter Island

“All I know is it’s a mental hospital.” “… For the criminally insane.” Martin Scorsese is regularly acclaimed as one of America’s greatest directors. So why has he been making such shitty movies? The Departed gets worse and worse with each re-viewing. And why has the premier chronicler of New York relocated to Boston? Squally is going to hazard that Scorsese is indulging a certain jones, using these Beantown-set tales to flex his generic muscles and indulge his love of B pictures. Consider The Departed a sort of Underworld, U.S.A. on a medicine cabinet stocked by Balco. So what to make of this take on Dennis Lehane’s thriller, which the studio clearly doesn’t know what to do with? The trailer is pure corn: giving away most of the plot, showing off some crummy special effects, and bristling with devices straight from the Hammer horror stable. Leonardo DiCaprio is the Boston cop looking for an escaped Shutter Island inmate. A hurricane traps him and his partner on the island, and lets Scorsese slam plenty of doors shut. Stop waiting for Scorsese to top Goodfellas and just revel in the nonsense.


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2 Responses to “Trailerama: Shutter Island”

  1. Must See Movies: February 2010 « SquallyShowers Says:

    […] Shutter Island Release date: Feb. 19 The pitch: A tortured cop (Leonardo DiCaprio) is trapped on an island insane asylum when a hurricane hits. Can he hold onto all his marbles? From the novel by Dennis Lehane. Fun fact: Robbie Robertson’s soundtrack features modern classical pieces from the likes of John Adams, Max Richter and experimental filmmaker Nam June Paik. Why it could be great: Director Martin Scorsese seems to have thrown caution to the winds for a delirious tribute to his favorite horror movies. Why it could suck: The trailer makes My Name is Khan look like a model of restraint. […]

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    […] Shutter Island […]

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