Trailerama: J’ai tue ma mere (I Killed My Mother)

Young Hubert’s tortured life is made all the more unbearable by mother. Sounds like a familiar story. Except that Hubert and mom’s contentious relationship almost verges on a mutually-assured-obsession. Outside the family warzone, Hubert endures growing up gay and Canadian. With its fantasy sequences, dramatic strings and overall histrionics, the trailer suggests a Savage Nights for the 21st century. The overheated achievement is all the more impressive considering that writer-director-star Xavier Dolan is a mere 20 years old. Roll over Orson Welles and tell Harmony Korine the news! The plum role of mother Chantal is played by Anne Dorval, who has won a pair of Gemeaux awards for her work in the Zone 3 TV show Le coeur a ses raisons. Due to screen at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

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