X-Men Go Generation Y

Hollywood has felt the heat around Teen Star Trek and are starting to make moves of their own. Which is why JoBlo is reading the smoke signals about X-Men: First Class, a pubescent-friendly take on the merry Marvel mutants from 20th Century Fox. According to producer Lauren Shuler Donner, “It is the first class of Xavier’s school, way back when, so it’s young Scott, young Jean, young Beast and that’ll be really fun.”

So in place of James Marsden, Famke Jansen, and Kelsey Grammer, there will instead be some younger and more toothsome mutants, acting under the aegis of O.C. creator Josh Schwartz. As JoBlo’s Mike Sampson notes, the conceit necessitates a little historical detail. Based on the X franchise’s current time-line, the younger mutants will presumably be debating Nirvana vs. Alice in Chains and quoting the latest episode of Seinfeld. At least one of them will think that Wilson Phillips are rad.

There’s nothing wrong with making the X-Men teens again. The whole series is about feeling like a young misfit. What is odd is the time-frame, which will be rife with I Love the ’90s-isms that could fly over the head of the teenage audience a newer, buffer X-Men would be aimed at. Older fans, on the other hand, may enjoy the conflation of their geek concerns with a nostalgia for the days when they worked behind the comic shop counter.

What do you think? Can this franchise be saved? Who are your picks for Kid Cyclops, Phoenix-ette and Boy Beast? Leave a tip in the comment jar.

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