Cannes Names Its Godfathers

cannes-film-festivalWe’re still waiting for the Cannes line-up, but Variety reports that the festival will honor two up-and-comers in Spanish cinema. Both Juan Antonio Bayona and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will be named “Godfathers” at the Critics’ Week sidebar. Does this mean they’ll have to dump their brothers in Lake Tahoe and make Harvey Weinstein an offer he can’t refuse? We will probably never know.

Fresnadillo is best-known for his decent sequel 28 Weeks Later. He’s currently working on a remake of Roger Corman’s X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes, which sounds like sacrilege, but then so did 28 Weeks Later. So cut the man some slack.

Bayona got on the global map with the Guillermo del Toro-endorsed The Orphanage, a timely reminder that it’s possible to make a scary movie that wasn’t originally released in the 1970s. His name has been attached to the Twilight movie Eclipse, but his next confirmed project is Hater, where a British parking attendant hands out tickets in a world where people go crazy and kill each other on impulse. Sounds like a 28 Weeks Later remake, then.


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