Tim Roth on Made in Britain, Reservoir Dogs and Tupac

made-in-britain1There’s a lot more to Tim Roth than Lie to Me, y’know. Continuing our not entirely successful series of links to things published in The Guardian newspapers, here’s the ferret-faced thesp recalling his audition for Alan Clarke‘s skinhead masterpiece Made in Britain.

“I can’t believe I even did shit like this back then. For the final audition – which I think was in front of the producer, the writer David Leland, and Alan – I turned up early on purpose. I came in and I told ’em, ‘When you need me I’ll be in the park across the way,’ knowing full well they’d be watching me through the window.

“And I did some, you know, character work in the park. And luckily a friend of mine turned up who was in a band called King Kurt. And he has this fucking huge mohawk and I’m bald and we started mock-fighting and he’s making a peacock noise – and then the police turned up and got involved – and Alan and his lot are all watching me out the window. And then I went in and did a reading; but by then it was more of a formality than anything else. Alan said, ‘Oh, we saw you through the window,’ and I’m like, ‘I know …'”

All actors are liars when it comes to explaining why they’ve taken a particular role, but Roth explains that most of his recent work–The Incredible Hulk, Skellig and his current gig–are due to the whims of his children. He dutifully remembers being cast for Reservoir Dogs and working with Tupac, hinting that there’s actually a tape of the rapper which hasn’t been released yet (it also features Roth rhyming, so it’s probably best staying in the vaults).

The best news of the piece is that he’s hoping to turn the Fox paycheck into a follow-up to his lone stab at directing, The War Room, this time with an Elizabethan bent. Roth’s dream projects include a version of King Lear written by the late Harold Pinter and a script about the playwright Christopher Marlowe.


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