Observe and Report Metaphor/Simile Watch

observe-and-reportRichard Corliss, Time: “Frighten the horses … a quick portrait of trailer-park American pursuing its urges by any means necessary … like the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket … as if it’s Baghdad and al-Qaeda is around the corner … the start of World War III … she should be placed not on a pedestal but in the trash bin … one undescended testicle … underdog … top dog … The stars were aligned … like Michael Savage … the Hollywood laugh factory.”

Manohla Dargis, New York Times: “The pettiest of dictators … Lynndie England … like a Wild West sheriff … more Deputy Dawg than Dirty Harry … barrel down that particular road … thumbs his nose … disarming his own bombs … rising above the muck … hearts of gold … a comic who throws a custard pie in another person’s kisser … violent characters who hold up a mirror to that public.”

Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly: “The tin badge of weaponless courage … as clammy as Blart’s mom is fuzzy … a man simmering to a boil … scalding spillover moment … every alley a mainstream comedy is supposed to avoid … the amazing gimlet eye … a crazy mosaic of Americana with tiles scattered and missing … as if liberated from the Hollywood salt mines … a tribute from James Lipton.”

J. Hoberman, Village Voice: “The castrated mall cop … bellicose bratwurst … a needed cushion … a parody Travis Bickle … Joe the Plumber of Rush the Limbaugh.”

Scott Weinberg, Cinematical: “Since Madeleine Kahn … a product of assembly-line filmmaking … virtually all of Jody Hill’s darts hit their intended target … one-note pot-smokin’ wise-ass.”

David Edelstein, New York: “A mighty volcano of psychosexual mayhem … the action-comedy genre’s underbelly … a different plane of ickiness … a sponge for urban bad vibes … the blind fool.”


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2 Responses to “Observe and Report Metaphor/Simile Watch”

  1. Trailerama: Extract (Mike Judge, 2009) « SquallyShowers Says:

    […] in particular, makes Extract seem like the kind of male cry of anguish heard when Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen dropped acid and went to Cirque du Soleil in Knocked […]

  2. Trailerama: The Ugly Truth « SquallyShowers Says:

    […] We liked Heigl because she seemed to have it so rough in Knocked Up–a comedy which took pains to depict women, in her words “as shrews, as humorless and uptight.” Judd Apatow’s point may have been that both sexes have some growing up to do, but it felt fair when Heigl herself complained to Vanity Fair that “It was hard for me to love the movie.” She isn’t alone. The film also put one of the unsexiest sex scenes in movie history on her resume, at least until that same boning session was parodied in Observe and Report. […]

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