Trailerama: Madeo (Mother)

After wowing Korea and the world with The Host, director Bong Joon-ho gets back on the beat. A simple-minded man is accused of murder. His mother is determined to clear him name. In doing so, she takes the matriarch’s traditional suffering role in Asian cinema and blows it wide open.


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  1. Must See Movies: March « SquallyShowers Says:

    […] Madeo (Mother) Release date: March 12 The pitch: A determined mother fights to clear her mentally handicapped son of a murder charge. Fun fact: Star Kim Hye-ja is known in South Korea for her portrayals of matriarchs in Mayonnaise and the TV series Princess Hours. Why it could be great: It’s the latest from Bong Joon-ho, director of The Host and Memories of Murder. Why it could suck: Menopausal sleuths may bring back unwanted memories of Murder She Wrote reruns. […]

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