Trailerama: Getting Unzipped With Brüno

Surprise, surprise. After this week’s kerfuffle about Brüno and a NC-17 rating it’s never going to get, comes the red-band trailer. Better be over 18, y’all. You might go blind.

In the clip, Brüno disrupts a fashion show with his velcro outfit, shops at Sears, hangs out with the most uncomfortable trio of hunters we’ve ever seen, adopts an African child, goes to a swinger’s party, gets whipped by a pneumatic bleached blonde, introduces the U.S. army to Dolce & Gabbana, and does self-defense classes armed with a dildo. There are more chases than a Road Runner film festival, maybe as a reminder of Borat‘s piece de resistance–the nude wrestling match in Las Vegas.

There’s no doubt that Brüno will recoup its investment, but it remains to be seen if Americans are as comfortable with having their notions about sexuality skewered as they were laughing at Southern rednecks. (The MPAA aren’t, which is why Sacha Baron Cohen‘s film courted an NC-17 rating with its male-on-male scenes and, if you will, balls-out humor.)

On this viewing, the strange thing about Brüno is how familiar it looks. We saw the crazy foreigner with a comic accent making Americans look stupid in Borat. We know that the Army are going to do somersaults over Brüno’s swishiness. The inner logic of the fashion scene will always seem elusive to someone who isn’t a true believer. (Although whoever designed Brüno’s velcro suit, Hasid get-up and plastic jacket deserves an Oscar.)

The only sequence that feels like it has teeth is with Brüno’s adopted child O.J., because he’s skewering the real hypocrisy of celebrities who get a free pass when it comes to snatching up Third World babies. Cohen has his finger firmly on the pulse. News arrived today that Madonna has been denied yet another Malawian trophy to add to her collection.

Cohen is smart enough to know the shelf-life of this kind of kamikaze filmmaking is limited. And there’s plenty of Brüno we haven’t seen which will amuse and delight. The film is written by Sacha Baron Cohen. IMDB does not credit additional writers or a director. Jay Roach (Meet the Parents) is producing.

What do you think? Does Brüno stir you in strange places?

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