Errol Morris Would Like to Sell You Something

Filmmaker Magazine brought our attention to Errol Morris‘ latest advertisement. Try to guess what he’s shilling before it gets to the end. Then meet us after the jump.

The Academy Award-winning documentarian has been directing advertisements for a long time. He’s done spots for Apple, Adidas, Nike, PBS and others. He’s also been upfront about how this work pays for his documentaries like The Fog of War and Standard Operating Procedure. It’s interesting to see how Morris brings his own stamp to what is a talking heads commercial. The actors are working off a script, but address the camera in the same style as his Interrotron interviewees. The white background has appeared in his Apple spots and also in a film he made for the 2002 Academy Awards. You can even hear the director’s off-screen voice, acting as a prompt. Considering the recent Guardian-endorsed shit-storm over documentary legitimacy, you have to wonder if this aping of his own S.O.P. for commercial purposes helps or hinders his art.

In the same vein, here is a David Lynch spot with a similar theme:

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