Codpiece for Mr. Franco!

james-francoHere’s what everyone learned from Pineapple Express:

Now the last three are trying to make the magic happen again. (Rogen has other priorities.) Variety reports that Franco, Green and McBride will be three for the comedy Your Highness. Taking a tip from Year One‘s tilt at the history books, the comedy is about a pair of spoiled princes who must rescue their father and a fiance from the clutches of an evil wizard. The bratty royals’ quest through the land of yore lead to pageantry and the inevitable medieval hijinks. The script was penned by McBride and Ben Best, who worked together on Foot Fist Way.

We know that Rogen and Franco have enough chemistry together to set up their own meth lab. But can Saul and Red cook up a potion of strong stuff in the Dark Ages’ black cauldron? One thing’s for certain: this fairy-tale kingdom should be nice and green. The production is due to begin in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in July. In the meantime, this Highness needs a princess bride, a wizard, and plenty of stockings. Maybe even a codpiece. Who would you like to see buckle Franco’s swash?

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