Monsters Vs. Aliens Metaphor/Simile Watch

monsters-vs-aliensRichard Corliss, Time: “A heroine the followers of Hillary Clinton could believe in … Like some supersequel that never bothered with any setup episodes … like they’re ready to leap into your lap … Catskills entertainers, tossing gags into the audience like confetti, sweating to please you every single moment … like the spiffiest sitcom … your standard-issue blowhard … a visual encyclopedia of antique pop culture … another crowd-pleasing, expert-babysitting vaudeville turn.”

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: “A constant nudge in the ribs saying never mind the story, just see how neat I look … if they escape, they could terrorize the subway on a senior pass … like a giant Leggs pantyhose container bred with an iSight camera.”

Todd McCarthy, Variety:‘Monsters, Inc.’ Meets ‘War of the Worlds’ … like Gulliver … the woodland critters that hung out with Snow White … a pretty hot number … a verbal moustache.”

Tasha Robinson, The Onion: “A gag-delivery system wrapped in special effects … Squidward on SpongeBob SquarePants … a stable of screenwriting vets.”

Stephanie Zacharek, “Something that’s just rolled off a conveyor belt, made according to an exacting but dull set of specifications … Alec Guinness … like a Blythe doll.”

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2 Responses to “Monsters Vs. Aliens Metaphor/Simile Watch”

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