ND/NF ’09 Trailers: From Ordinary Boys to The Milk of Sorrow

Another selection of highlights from this year’s New Directors/New Films festival, being held at New York’s MOMA and the Walter Reade Theatre. In this afternoon’s handful, it’s all about survival. Young Moroccans are struggling to make it, young hoofers try to make the chorus line, a family try to shut out a major artery, the unemployed seek revenge, housekeepers give up everything they have, and there’s some rum geriatric hi-jinks in an Italian Odd Quartet.

Chicos normales/Ordinary Boys (Daniel Hernández, 2008)

An actor, petty crook and seamstress struggle to make ends meet in the Moroccan city of Tetuan, notorious for housing the terrorists involved in the 2004 Madrid bombings

Every Little Step (James D. Stern, Adam del Deo, 2008)

Nothing to do with Bobby Brown. This documentary on the 2006 revival of A Chorus Lineis a Borgesian box about hopes and dreams of the participants in auditions for a show about the hopes and dreams of the participants in auditions. Our head hurts!

Home (Ursula Meier, 2008)

A family is distressed when the deserted highway next to their home opens up. So what? Dad is Olivier Gourmet and Mom is Isabelle Huppert. Now we’re paying attention.

Louise-Michel (Gustave de Kervern, Benoit Delephine, 2008)

Seeking revenge on the boss who closed her factory down, a woman hires an incompetent hit-man. They track the quarry to the Isle of Jersey.

La Nana/The Maid (Sebastián Silva, 2009)

In this Chilean film, a housekeeper is unwilling to accept the new maid. Catalina Saavedra won a best actress award at Sundance for her portrait of a woman both pulling and being pulled by the apron-strings.

Pranzo di ferragosto/Mid-August Lunch (Gianni di Gregorio, 2008)

The vacuum in filmdom labelled “movie about a middle-aged screenwriter (di Gregorio) looking after a trio of elderly women” is triumphantly filled.

La teta asustada/The Milk of Sorrow (Claudia Llosa, 2009)

Seeking to pay for her mother’s burial, an orphaned woman heads into servitude … armed only with the songs which tell of her family’s suffering.

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