Zac Efron: Let’s Not Hear It for the Boy

zac-efronZac Efron is having a bit of a crisis.

First, he’s sick of singing and dancing. That’s a shame, as his cooking sucks. A Footloose production staffer says that Efron dropped out of the remake because “he did not want to do another musical at this point in his career.” Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Efron had “ankled” the production. It takes a helluva man to fill Ren McCormack’s pants, but the High School Musical star may also have balked at the prospect of growing out his hair to resemble Kevin Bacon.

But Efron, it would seem, is happy to dip his toe back into the 17 Again waters. Today comes word that the big man on the East Side High campus wants to get back together with Burr Steers, the director of his Disney-like rejuvenation comedy, for The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. The story centers on a cemetery caretaker who communes with the spirit of his dead brother. The role calls for Efron’s best guilty grimace, as he thinks he’s responsible for his sib’s death. It’s a little like the end of Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward, Angel. Only, we suspect, a bit shittier different.

It’s evident that the 21-year-old wants to move on with his career, but is a script based on a book by a Good Morning America executive producer really the way to do it? Does he have what it takes to get out of his dancing togs and into something more serious? And who is going to take over that Footloose remake? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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23 Responses to “Zac Efron: Let’s Not Hear It for the Boy”

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  2. aidee Says:

    is zac efron really gay

  3. shyanne Says:

    r u ay or bi zac i hope ur4 not cuz ur my fave actor and ur just sexc and im ur biggest fan

  4. zacl Says:

    hes gay

  5. Chloe Says:


  6. jessica Says:

    que gatinho mais gayyyyyyyyyyyy credooo

  7. sil Says:


  8. emily Says:


  9. odesa marshall Says:

    he is just shearing some brotherly love & he is not gay u bunch of haters

  10. debbie Says:

    zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaac i love u!

  11. boblly Says:

    omg u are gay and i love u (and this is a girl by the way) so yea 🙂

  12. Phillip Says:

    So what if he is gay. Zac is a good actor, singer & dancer

  13. Chris Says:

    Can we focus on the matter at hand, his god awful acting ability? The ability to seduce fourteen year old girls is not enough to be deemed a credible actor. This is one career that just needs to be shot. In the face.

  14. bieberfever123 Says:

    hi yeah lets say clear im not a fan im just a girl with a crush on justin bieber now see he is not gay he is just not comftarble with only girls he is bisexual you c now im a major justin bieber fan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. margaret pokorny Says:


  16. margaret pokorny Says:

    i mean who gives a shit about anything i dont even know why im writing this poo

  17. margaret pokorny Says:

    poo poolaa la

  18. margaret pokorny Says:

    ppppppppppppppppoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo llllllllllaaaaaaaaa lllllllllaaaaaa

  19. lilly Says:

    omg. that is soo mean. zac efron is ot gay,,,,,maybe bi….but not gay. his acting coreer doesnt need to be dhot, in the face anyways, maybe in the foot.

  20. bmw1111 Says:

    lmao shot. in. the. face. totally agreed

  21. markita Says:

    zac is tooo much of a hottie to be gay:))

  22. aba Says:

    é tudo mintira é os meninos que ficam com inveja e colocam uma pessoa parecida pra dizer que é ele

  23. aba Says:

    é tudo mentira ,é os meninos que ficam com inveja e colocam um menino paresido pra dizer que é ele ,eu sou fan e sei

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